Las Vegas Show – The Price is Right, Live! at Bally’s

Las Vegas show The Price is Right, Live: If you have fond memories of excited women screaming and running recklessly toward a game show stage, hands waving frantically in the air and bosom heaving violently in half a dozen different directions at once, then there’s only one Las Vegas show that’s perfectly suited to your remarkable tastes. Las Vegas Show

Fifty classic years of game show excellence sets the entertainment standard all other shows in the genre should aspire to maintain.

With special prizes and addictive games as memorable in and of themselves as the program they’re a part of, “The Price is Right” has found a second home as a special, live Las Vegas show that takes the essential experience and magnifies it with famous guest hosts, larger audiences and an overflowing amount of cash and prizes.

All the fun of the original television show has been preserved, from original set pieces and instantly recognizable contests and games, right down to beloved former host Bob Barker’s gorgeous showgirls.

Contestants will play such classics as Plinko, Hole in One and Cliffhanger before spinning the infamous Big Wheel to determine their fates. Random drawings ensure that each and every audience member has a chance to win a prize. The end of each Las Vegas show comes with the opportunity to fulfill a minor fantasy of sorts as everyone is invited to have their picture taken spinning The Big Wheel. “The Price is Right, Live!” remains true to its historic roots while living up to the standards of a top-notch Las Vegas show.

Check out this Las Vegas show next time you are in town!