Professional Emcee for Dykema DSO

Professional Emcee for Dykema DSO

As a professional event emcee, it feels great to be back on stage hosting for more than 1,000 folks at “Dykema, the 8th Annual Definitive Conference for Dental Service Organizations,” at the Gaylord Rockies in Denver today. This was the first conference I’ve ever been to that had professional wrestlers come out on stage… but the fun is not over with yet! 

It’s insane just how much this corporate conference has in store!

Jam-packed between insightful panel discussions and thought-provoking breakout sessions is a keynote presentation from none other than Olympic gold medalist, FIFA Women’s World Cup champion, and Soccer Hall of Fame inductee, Mia Hamm! She might put my gold medal at the International Jugglers’ Association’s Junior Championships to shame, but it’s a defeat I’ll gladly take.

Come along for the ride as I have the pleasure of serving as professional event emcee for the Dykema team, and get a better sense of what lies ahead at this award-winning conference.

What it Means to Be the Definitive Conference for Dental Service Organizations (DSOs)

If you’re unfamiliar with Dykema, let me give you a quick recap of this fantastic practice. Dykema is the leading law firm in dental services. They oversee more than 100 dental transactions annually, and tackle a wide range of issues affecting the DSO industry. With a team of nearly 40 attorneys, Dykema works with upwards of 350 dental organizations across all 50 states and six Canadian provinces. 

Dykema has spearheaded the “Definitive Conference for DSOs” since 2014. Not only is this event award-winning in the dental space, but it’s also been recognized by investors, providers, sellers, buyers, and dental entrepreneurs as one of the can’t-miss-events of the year! Due to the impacts of the pandemic, the 2020 DSO Conference was cancelled and rescheduled for this Wednesday, July 28 through Friday, July 30.

Fortunately, the revised agenda for this event is seriously impressive, packing hundreds of the greatest thought leaders in the industry in one convention center for three, action-packed days. As the proud son and brother of two dentists, I’m stoked to be surrounded by such influential players in the dental industry! And as the self-proclaimed definitive conference, the Gaylord of the Rockies here in Denver, Colorado was the perfect stage for this event.

Night one kicked off with “Strolling Dinner Under the Stars,” sponsored by Covered Care, where attendees feasted on dishes prepared by world-class BBQ chefs from around the country. The massive tooth-shaped ice luge was a pleasant reminder of why we were all gathered under the stars, and when we awoke on Thursday morning, the “This is Dykema” panel set the stage for the day. 

Let’s take a look at how the events on Thursday are panning out, including where I come in! 

How a Professional Emcee Can Elevate a Renowned Event

It’s no secret that “Dykema, the 8th Annual Definitive Conference for Dental Service Organizations” has been a much-anticipated event. Following last year’s cancellation, news of the updated conference has caused excitement to skyrocket over the past few months. With so much in store — including an Olympian! — you might be wondering how I could possibly elevate the event even further.

The answer, friends, is with energy! The 1,000+ guests in attendance have been counting down the days until this event for weeks, if not months. Their expectations are high — but with many spending the past year and half much to themselves, tons of attendees might not know exactly what to expect. This is where I come in! I popped on stage as the professional emcee bright and early today to set the tone of the agenda and boost the energy in the room.

That’s exactly what a professional event emcee does — we shift the energy of the event for the better. First, I invited a volunteer from the crowd to join the stage with me and test his juggling chops. To my surprise, he absolutely crushed it! I brought out my pins and we tag-teamed an impressive round of toss-ups to the laughter and joy of those in the audience. 

The result? The room totally came alive! Event attendees were riled up and ready to jump into the day’s networking and panel discussions. However, my job as a professional emcee started way before I came out on stage. In fact, there was a ton of behind the scenes prep that not only set the tone for the event, but helped elevate the conference as a whole.

Behind the Scenes Preparation for Dykema DSO

It’s a common misconception that my role as a professional event emcee begins when I step foot into the spotlight. In reality, my job starts weeks before that! For the Dykema DSO Conference, I had the pleasure of helping prepare the run of show of the event to allow for a more productive agenda. While we did use my initial timeslot to thank our sponsors, we also planned for a fun, interactive set to not bore the audience members with housekeeping.

Planning the run of show is just one of the many ways a professional emcee can help you plan the best live event. With more than a decade of live event experience, I use my knowledge to help construct the most productive, high-energy conference. When morale is high, attendees are more likely to absorb event materials, connect with like-minded professionals, and forge new partnerships. 

What’s in Store Next for this Professional Event Emcee?

As I publish this blog post, the Dykema team and attendees are preparing for tonight’s keynote speaker, Mia Hamm. Her presentation will come right on the tails of “The Power of Women in Dentistry: A WinDSO Panel Discussion,” and I cannot wait to listen to these incredible women. We’ll have a somewhat shorter day tomorrow here at the conference, before I head back to Vegas for my 10-show run at the Excalibur Hotel & Casino

I’ve been so grateful to be in Denver over these past few days to witness this award-winning conference. As a professional event emcee, I love attending these multi-day meetings, especially after the past year and a half we’ve all had. And with my extensive experience as a corporate entertainer for healthcare events, this dental conference has been yet another opportunity to learn from experienced professionals in the space.

How to Book a Host for Your Next Corporate Conference 

Will you be planning a corporate conference soon? Don’t wait to secure yourself a trusted professional event emcee with tons of experience hosting and entertaining for thousands of attendees. After more than a decade of manning the stage, I’m confident I can help elevate your event. Click here to send me a booking inquiry today! 

Jeff Civillico gives housekeeping announcements at Dykema DSO conference

Professional emcee Jeff Civillico has fun on stage with volunteer at Dykema DSO

Jeff Civillico hosts Dykema conference at Gaylord Rockies in Denver

Emcee Jeff Civillico stages conflict with wrestling group at Dykema 2021

Emcee Jeff Civillico posing with wrestling group at Dykema 2021 conference