Professional Emcee Giving a Dose of Laughter as Medicine

Why Laughter is the Best Medicine, According to a Master of Ceremonies:

There have been a ton of scientists in the news lately, right? ​​Epidemiologists, biochemists, microbiologists — the type of people who have multiple master’s degrees and decades of education. Well, I might not have a master’s degree in anything scientific, but I am a Master of Ceremonies. And as a trusted professional emcee for more than ten years, I can give you this advice: Laughter is truly the best medicine.

Okay, so I don’t know the ins and outs of pandemic research. No, I can’t really speak on actual medicines. However, I am a master in one thing, and that’s making people happy! After completing more than 200 virtual comedy shows over the past year and half, I can say with confidence that the world needs a bit of laughter more than anything else right now. 

Take a look at why laughter is the best medicine, according to a Master of Ceremonies.

Laughter is Both Disarming and Welcoming

At first glance, “disarming and welcoming” might seem like a peculiar way of describing laughter. However, there’s a certain charm that comes along with being able to make people laugh. A well-timed joke or goofy facial expression can help people drop any suspicion or hostility they had when they first joined your event. Even the most stone-faced people in the room (or on the screen) can break down that icy barrier to open themselves up for connection!

And let’s be real: There are a ton of reasons why people don’t feel up for connection this year. When attendees join their first virtual team-building event or company keynote in months, their mind can be in a hundred different places. From their own health and safety to grieving the loss of a loved one, this past year brought along a ton of heartache for people. As an event emcee, being able to make people laugh means they can leave those worries behind, even just for a little while.

Not to mention, laughter is the best ice breaker available to a professional emcee. Whether you’re greeting audience members live in-person or waving hello through a digital monitor, laughter helps put attendees in the right state of mind to learn and connect. For both virtual and live shows, a professional emcee who can make their crowd laugh essentially primes the audience for enhanced engagement. 

Laughter Distracts from the Disruption 

Now that corporations are bringing back live events, employees are finding themselves needing to leave the comfort of their own homes once more. The days of making breakfast with the kids or taking afternoon walks with a spouse are dwindling. For the professional emcees who connected with their audience via virtual events since 2020, that means presenters will need to work extra hard to acknowledge this shift back into reality. While live events can be a blast, the travel and time involved are simply disruptive to attendees’ daily lives and “new normal” routines. 

Laughter is a way to distract from this disruption. Professional emcees have had to ride this pandemic wave along with everyone else — they’ve had to join more Zoom meetings than they ever thought imaginable and duke it out for toilet paper at the grocery store. They’ve had to remember to swap out sweat pants for dress pants before leaving the house again. Comedic material that focuses on these challenges allows everyone a chance to acknowledge how disruptive the past year has been, how disruptive new changes feel, and how we can navigate them together. 

Laughter is Like a Strong Dose of Caffeine

As a professional emcee, there’s nothing I love more than catching the crowd off guard with unexpected laughter. From the main stage to virtual comedy shows, you can visibly see people’s eyes light up when they laugh — and let me tell you, after the year we all had, that feels good! Suddenly audience members are sitting more alert in their seats. They’re blowing up the chatroom and grinning from ear to ear. In other words, that laughter is like a strong dose of caffeine.

When a professional emcee walks on stage or presses play on a virtual comedy show, the audience simply comes alive. And knowing how exhausting the past year was for so many — especially healthcare personnel and other essential workers — it’s mind-blowing that laughter can give people so much energy! Personally, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of energizing laughter is the hospital staff involved with my nonprofit organization, Win-Win Entertainment

Prior to the pandemic, myself and fellow volunteer entertainers would physically visit children’s hospitals across the country with one goal: to make these kids laugh! Then, the pandemic hit, and any in-person event we had on our calendar was cancelled. The team quickly pivoted to find the positive and introduced virtual comedy shows instead. The results have been incredible! And seeing the parents, guardians, and hospital staff crack up alongside the children has been beyond rewarding. 

Laughter Keeps Us Going, Despite All Odds

Speaking of Win-Win Entertainment, there are few people I can think of that deserve laughter more than young children suffering unimaginable hardship. These kids need that energizing laughter. They need an outlet to let their guard down, channel their inner juggler or musician, and simply let loose for a little while. Sometimes, the spark of laughter from a professional emcee or virtual comedy show is what keeps them going, despite all odds.

Sometimes, it only takes a smile. As I type these words, I’m instantly reminded of a young boy and grandfather I visited with Win-Win prior to the onset of the pandemic. Both were quiet and reserved when I walked in, and the room was quite still. Over the span of just 20 minutes (and with a bit of juggling and balancing tricks), the little boy began laughing, clapping, and attempting juggling tricks of his own. The room became full of life, all stemming from laughter!

At the end of my visit, I gave them both complimentary tickets to my all-ages show at The Flamingo, inviting them to be my VIP guests once released from the hospital. To my delight, they showed several months later — and now, the grandson was jumping around, proudly showing me the progress he made with his balancing act! With tears in his eyes, the grandfather thanked for that visit, telling me that day was the turning point for his grandson, even causing him to eat better. If that’s not proof that laughter is truly the best medicine, I really don’t know what is. 

Audience laughing at Equinix corporate event at MGM Grand

Give the Gift of Laughter with a Professional Emcee 

Now more than ever, the world can use a bit of laughter. We all deserve to detach for a while and connect with one another instead. A professional emcee can help distract from daily life and give you or your company some much-needed joy. Whether you’re looking for a live corporate entertainer, virtual comedy show host, or hybrid Master of Ceremonies, a professional emcee can do the trick.

Give the gift of laughter with a professional emcee like me, Jeff Civillico. Discover how to book me for your next event today — I sincerely look forward to laughing with you soon!