Conference Emcee at The Peabody, Orlando

Each day I entertained to kick off general sessions, introduced speakers, moderated panel discussions, and videotaped this conference promo reel!  Great event.


“I can’t say enough about how entertaining and wonderful Jeff Civillico was to work with. He goes with the flow– I threw him a ton of punches and he just went with it all. I would highly recommend him for any event!” -Karen Brown, CEO, Conferences By Design

“Jeff was by far the best emcee I’ve ever seen. He kept everything moving, everything on time, and not only that, he was hysterical and really got the crowd into it.. Spectacular!” -Bruce Richardson, INFOR, Chief Strategy Officer

“Jeff Civillico was a great part of our conference. He took something that’s usually kind of boring and put a wonderful spin on it. We appreciate what Jeff did for us.” -Jim Schwantes, Past President of TUG U2U Board

Photos by Cheryl Namazie:

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