Professional Emcee Jeff Civillico is the PERFECT Choice to Host Your Corporate Event / Awards Show / Meeting

Jeff Civillico has served as a Professional Emcee for countless top companies and associations: Disney, OSHA, AT&T, Verizon, Caterpillar, Grainger, AAA, Honeywell, Culver’s, A&W, Rite Aid, Men’s Warehouse, Cisco… the list goes on and on! Jeff’s “10,000 hours” of emcee experience at large-scale conferences has equipped him to handle any situation that may arise at an event. Having someone as experienced and confident as Jeff emcee the show is invaluable.

2021 Live/In-Person Corporate Hosting Reel

Jeff is Comfortable on Any Stage...

Jeff has been a Professional Emcee for every type of Corporate Event and Conference there is – general sessions, interviews, awards banquets, game shows, and full conferences.

Jeff is equally comfortable in front of the camera, with extensive live and taped TV experience both as a host and a guest. He has hosted morning shows, lifestyle shows, red carpet events, and interviewed dozens of celebrities including Mike Tyson, Olivia Newton- John, Imagine Dragons, Dennis Rodman, Eddie Griffin, Wayne Newton, Eva Longoria, George Lopez, and Carlos Santana. Jeff’s experience as both a live on-stage presenter and an on-camera host personality makes him the ultimate “double threat” to emcee your event. Consider having Jeff emcee your event on-stage, and have him capture moments on-camera during breaks and at social events to create recap and promotional videos. In this way Jeff truly becomes the face of the conferences he hosts, and ties everything together.

Jeff is Comfortable in Front of the Camera...

Is Your Event “Going Virtual?”

Jeff has extensive experience as a Virtual Emcee for all types of virtual and digital events. Learn more about Jeff’s virtual emcee services.

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