Professional Event Emcee for C2P in Miami 

And that’s a wrap! After not one, not two, but three stints as virtual emcee for C2P Enterprises, I was finally able to serve as their professional emcee live in-person this past week. I cannot express how wonderful it was to see everyone face-to-face after all of this time! And even better, we were able to gather at the beautiful Kimpton Epic Hotel in sunny Miami, Florida. 

Now that myself and the C2P team ditched our talking-head Zoom boxes in favor of roundtable chats and dinner cruises, I can officially say that I’ve attended my first biannual Mastermind Collegium — and folks, I cannot wait for the next one! Here’s a quick rundown of my evolving partnership with C2P and how we brought their first in-person event in months to life. 

More About the Clarity 2 Prosperity Organization 

Clarity 2 Prosperity is a financial training, coaching, and IP development organization headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Led by financial advisors, coaches, mentors, and business leaders attending a Clarity 2 Prosperity event means you’re guaranteed to be in good company. The organization also spearheads Clarity Insurance Marketing, Prosperity Capital Advisors, and Valor Capital Management under the umbrella of C2P Enterprises.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jason Smith is hands-on with the organization, and his insight is evident across C2P events. Throughout my time with C2P Enterprises, I’ve gleaned incredibly useful information that ranges from tax planning (which I’ve learned is a very hot topic for financial advisors this year!) to more advanced topics like how to prepare a firm for acquisition. 

An Evolving Emcee Partnership with C2P Enterprises

This most recent C2P Mastermind Collegium in Miami reminded me of how much my partnership with the amazing people over at C2P Enterprises has evolved over the past 18 months. To best understand how we’ve maintained our relationship throughout a global pandemic, let’s start from the beginning — June 2020 in (what should have been) Baltimore, Maryland.

You see, the C2P team originally reached out early in 2020 to book me as the professional event emcee for the first of their biannual company events. Well, you can probably guess what happened next. As the world shut down around us, myself and the C2P team did what any good event planner would do at the time… we went virtual! Not just once, but three times! 

That’s right, I had the pleasure of being the three-peat virtual emcee for the fantastic C2P team. Each event had its own unique theme, ranging from James Bond (call me Agent J, please!) to Clue (just don’t drink the poison!). Myself and the talented team at Show Creators Studios were able to whip up one-of-a-kind, engaging virtual events I’m sure no one will forget any time soon.  

So, you can imagine my excitement when I learned that the second biannual event for 2021 would be in-person! Not only was I looking forward to serving as the professional event emcee for the C2P team, but I was also pleased to maintain my relationship with the organization. As a professional emcee and entertainer, I love helping my clients no matter what, whether it’s virtual or in-person. 

A Long-Awaited Stint as Professional Event Emcee in Miami 

Early last week I boarded a plane from my stomping grounds of Las Vegas to sunny Miami, Florida for the C2P Mastermind Collegium. After my previous three experiences as the virtual emcee for C2P Enterprises, I was ready to help this organization host the best “return to in-person events”-event ever. And let me say, the Collegium certainly kicked off with a bang!

The welcome reception was hosted on the pool deck of the Kimpton Epic Hotel, which boasts waterview suites with a stunning look at the Miami skyline from private balconies. There’s a good reason why this hotel is named the Epic! As guests gathered at the welcome reception, an incredible Latin band got the crowd energized and ready for action. 

The first day of the event was chock full of timely and relevant topics — and lots of fun — penciling in keynotes from founder and CEO Jason Smith, a collection of cool prizes, and roundtables led by elite advisors. That night we headed to the Tropic Like It’s Hot dinner cruise, which packed in all of the Miami vibes we could have asked for! 

I’d like to give a massive shout-out to Jason Smith, Jennifer Mackert, Lauren Carroll, Erin Moser, and everyone at C2P for an awesome experience. The C2P Mastermind Collegium was loaded with unforgettable experiences. All in all, I’d say that serving as the in-person professional event emcee for C2P Enterprises was definitely worth the wait!

Let’s Build a Partnership Today!

Whether I’m serving as a virtual emcee or an in-person professional event emcee, I’m ready to build a partnership with your organization. I welcome all event planners and producers or company team leads to reach out today to plan your next event. Together, we can forge a partnership that will benefit your attendees and organization as a whole. Send a booking inquiry today to get started.