Professional Event Emcee for Signature Travel Network 

When you work as a professional event emcee and entertainer, it’s safe to say you travel a lot — like, a ton. In the past six months, I’ve been on more planes and swiped more hotel key cards than I could count. The privilege to travel this frequently is never lost on me; however, it can be hard to explain to some folks… except my new friends at Signature Travel Network, of course!

Professional event emcee for Signature Travel NetworkSignature Travel Network is an exclusive group of the world’s leading travel advisors, from land and cruise experts to hospitality extraordinaires. This past week, more than 1500 travel advisors from across the globe gathered for the Signature Travel Network 2021 Conference right here in Las Vegas, Nevada. I could not be happier to be the professional event emcee for the event!

As one of the biggest (if not the biggest!) returns to in-person events that I’ve experienced in recent months, it was truly a joy to host and entertain the amazing folks at Signature Travel Network. Even more, the team at the 2021 Conference trusted me with the awesome task of planning a totally custom variety show for the event — and I was able to pull in my favorite hometown acts!

Live from my home turf of Las Vegas, take a look at the factors that made the Signature Travel Network 2021 Conference so great.

1. Returning to In-Person Events Safely 

It’s no secret that I’ve hosted my fair share of post-COVID events in recent months. Once I became fully vaccinated in the Spring, I couldn’t wait to safely return to the main stage as a professional event emcee and entertainer. The only problem was, not every organization was as ready to hop back into in-person events as I was. So, the majority of live events have been virtual or hybrid.

Though I’m a huge advocate for hybrid events (I published an entire hybrid event checklist!), I’ll be the first to say that the immediate return to events post-COVID wasn’t as fast, easy and smooth as I had hoped for. At times it’s been difficult to meet again both safely and in a way that made everyone feel at ease. Thankfully, the Signature Travel Network 2021 Conference checked every box in that department!

We kicked the conference off with a message from yours truly, the professional emcee, to review the COVID-19 protocols in the event mobile app. Since the conference was held indoors here in Las Vegas, everyone wore masks to comply with the current Nevada mask mandate. While smiles might have been covered, this was a truly joyous return to safe, COVID-free, in-person events in Vegas.

2. Hosting Signature Travel Network on My Home Turf 

So… did I mention that the Signature Travel Network 2021 Conference was hosted in Las Vegas yet? That’s right, my home turf! This was my biggest return to a full-scale, in-person event in Las Vegas since the pandemic began all those months ago, and let me tell you, it felt great to be home. What an honor to host such experienced travel advisors in my own town!

The Signature Travel Network 2021 Conference was held at the Venetian Resort Las Vegas, home to The Palazzo and Sands Expo Convention Center. Each morning, attendees and advisors from Signature Travel Network would gather to engage in the conference material. In the afternoon, the travel pros would head next door to explore all that IMEX America has to offer.

IMEX America is the largest meetings industry trade show in the nation with more than 50,000 attendees and 2,200 exhibiting companies from 200-plus countries. Primary exhibitors include major hotel companies, cruise lines, global tourist offices, event management specialists, and more. Not only was the Signature Travel Network 2021 Conference held on my home turf, but it was also perfectly positioned so the travel advisors could benefit from IMEX as well.

3. Emceeing for a Fascinating Q&A Session 

Throughout the two-day event, I served up my best corporate entertainment for the hundreds of expert travel advisors in attendance. I also had the extreme pleasure of being the professional emcee for a question-and-answer session with EVP of NA for Tourism Ireland, Alison Metcalfe. We got to chat about all things Ireland, from COVID resilience and culinary treats to the good ol’ craic (Irish slang for fun!).

Much like when I held the “Sports and Sustainability” conversation at the 2021 Xylem Reach Conference, the Q&A segment with Alison Metcalfe was an opportunity for me to be an emcee who is entertaining rather than just an entertainer who also hosts. Plus, speaking with Alison was a unique opportunity for me to connect with my Irish roots — fun fact, I’m 50% Irish 🙂 The conversation was fascinating all around, both for me and the in-person attendees.

4. Planning a Totally Custom Variety Show 

One of my personal favorite parts of the Signature Travel Network 2021 Conference was the ability to plan a totally custom variety show for my friends at Signature Travel Network. Between our morning sessions at the Venetian and the afternoons spent at IMEX America, I knew there would be no way for everyone to see an infamous Las Vegas show together.

So, I did what Jeff Civillico does best — I brought the magic and talent of Las Vegas to the event! 

As a Las Vegas emcee and entertainer, I have access to dozens of talented acts across the Strip. When the event planners at Signature Travel Network asked me to put together something special for the final dinner, I knew just who to call. I put together an action-packed line-up for a custom variety show that I’m positive the team at Signature Travel Network won’t forget any time soon!

Among our crew for the variety show was:

  1. Enji — A mind-blowing contortionist that’s brought her skills from Mongolia. She was most recently in Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity at New York New York.
  2. Vladimir Dovgan — A rola-bola master balancer originally from Ukraine. Vladmir toured with Cirque Dreams for many years, and performs in Vegas shows V and Zombie Burlesque.
  3. The Skating Aratas An extreme roller-skating duo with gravity-defying stunts. They headline “V: The Ultimate Variety Show” and are my favorite variety act working today!

The crowd at the Signature Travel Network 2021 Conference loved this variety show!

“Jeff was an amazing part of our conference. He brought incredible energy, entertainment and structure. We ran on time, he was always ready to pitch in, and everyone really enjoyed working with him. Looking forward to next year!”

– Alex Sharpe, President/CEO at Signature Travel Network

Looking for a Professional Event Emcee? 

Live, in-person events are in full swing! The recent Signature Travel Network 2021 Conference was the perfect example that we can indeed gather safely and enjoyably once again. And frankly, I cannot wait for the chance to host another large-scale in-person event right here in Las Vegas! Even more, I can’t wait to plan another variety show with my favorite Vegas acts.

If you have an upcoming event planned — whether it’s in Las Vegas or spread across the globe — now is the time to book me as your professional event emcee. With more than 18 years of professional experience, I am the perfect fit for hosting your next conference. Plus, I have access to talent that can seriously ramp up the quality of your event entertainment.

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