Professional Event Emcee Wins Conference Hero Award 

Conference Hero Award Winner

What a delight to be a guest today on “The Conference Talk Show” with Thom Singer and Eliz Greene! We talked about all things professional emcee, from styles of hosting and ways to engage the audience to how to position yourself to meeting planners and more. They also presented me with a “Conference Hero Award” — whoo hoo! 

Let’s take a quick look at how this meeting of the minds came to be in the first place, what other professional event emcees can gain from tuning into the podcast, and why I’m so thrilled to be a “Conference Hero Award” recipient!

All About “The Conference Talk Show”  

If you’re a professional event emcee or keynote speaker and you haven’t tuned into “The Conference Talk Show,” what the heck are you waiting for?! “The Conference Talk Show” is an online talk show that premieres Monday and Wednesday mornings on YouTube. It’s co-hosted by two fantastic professional emcees, Eliz Greene and Thom Singer.

Eliz Greene is a professional speaker with a fascinating background as a professional dancer, teacher, and choreographer. Thom Singer, CSP is an engagement and networking extraordinaire with a robust career in sales, marketing, and business development. Together, Eliz and Thom tackle the biggest challenges in live and in-person events and how to rise to the occasion as an emcee. 

How These Professional Event Emcees Crossed Paths 

So, how did this professional event emcee cross paths with Eliz and Thom? Well, we have a shared connection in the National Speakers Association and actually ALL co-hosted the most recent  National Speakers Association “Influence 2021” event! During the event, we all met on stage alongside Patty Hendrickson and Dr. Omekongo Dibinga, CSP for a panel discussion.

Interestingly enough, the banter between a stage of professional emcees earned its own spot on the Speakernomics podcast—which you can catch in full here! We dove into the questions most budding professional event emcees share, like what it takes to become a master of ceremonies and how to be an extraordinary emcee, and even shared a few horror stories along the way. 

By the end of our conversation, we knew we had unearthed some really important gems to share with our respective audiences. So, we teamed back up once more on “The Conference Talk Show!” 

What to Expect from My Guest Spot on the Show

After we left the NSA Influence event, Eliz, Thom, and myself all knew that we had loads more to unpack and share with our audience. So, I had the joy of being featured as a guest on “The Conference Talk Show!” It was beyond interesting to speak with other peers in the professional event emcee industry who share the same perspective.

For me, one of the highlights of the show is how professional emcees all share a similar job, but each will focus on totally different things. For instance, I’m known as the WOW emcee—which might be why Thom kicked off the show with one of my signature confetti cannons! It’s no secret I’m high-energy entertainment, so it was awesome to learn how Eliz and Thom navigate the stage.

Of course, my personal favorite part of the show was when Thom and Eliz presented me with the “Conference Hero Award!” The two created the award “for people who have contributed to the meetings industry in unique and powerful ways over the past 18 months.” How cool is that! I cannot thank Eliz and Thom enough for their recognition!

The “Conference Hero Award is a feat that has only been given to six other winners. I encourage you to read more about the previous winners to learn what made them deserving of this award, and show “The Conference Talk Show” your support! Again, my biggest thanks to Eliz and Thom for having me on board and to you, my readers, for always showing me support!