I’m Big in Malaysia

Two years ago tonight I was on stage in Malaysia..

I spent 3 of the most amazing weeks of my life at the Genting Highlands Resort in Malaysia hosting the 2007 International Magic Festival “Tournament of Champions” show.  With only 4 nights of shows in 3 weeks, there was plenty of time for karaoke, site seeing, karaoke, hiking, karaoke, exploring, karaoke, and karaoke.  (There was a ridiculous amount of karaoke.)

The show featured a fantastic lineup of world-class magicians: Danny Cole, Richard Forget, Arthur Trace, Justin Flom, Les Arnold and Dazzle, Derek Selinger, and Shen Huan of China.  I have since worked with many of these magicians again in various shows, and there’s always a special connection there that was forged at this unique event.

The Malaysian audiences were fantastic.  I couldn’t get over how much they loved physical comedy!  I enjoyed my role as Master of Ceremonies for this event so much.. all of the excitement of performing in this caliber of a show without any of the pressure of competing!  This is the gig where I feel I really learned how to be an effective MC.  I had 4 nights to work my material, study the tape, and adapt.  After this event, I started actively marketing myself as an MC.  I am very happy with the niche I’ve found as a corporate MC.

amazing venue

festival promo poster
full cast shot
getting "in the zone" before the show
fueling torches before the show
Les Arnold and Dazzle (Yes I'm wearing a dress)
(Yes I enjoyed it)

a brief moment of concentration, going over intros in my head

live shot 1
live shot 2
live shot 3
live shot 4

live shot 5
one of our press conferences promoting the show

hangin in Kuala Lumpur
Petronas Towers