The Linq’s Part in the Linq Project

The Linq is preparing for major changes, including renovation, rebranding and relaunch due to a mutual consensus among Caesars Entertainment Inc. executives and a group of business analysts that building another hotel-casino is not financially feasible in the current Las Vegas economic downturn.  That conclusion is the foundation theory for Project Linq, a compilation of $550 million and another type of rebranding effort—concerning the entire Las Vegas Strip.  Project Linq represents a hopeful future vision of Las Vegas, being the first major development project on the Strip since 2007.The Linq

The Linq will not only survive the process, but integrate the soon-to-be demolished O’Shea’s Casino into its reconfiguration. Caesars Senior Vice President Jan Jones sums up her new philosophy clearly: “We don’t need another big box. Las Vegas needs a new experience.”

The private street that winds in-between The Flamingo and The Linq will become the new home for The Linq, featuring a 550-foot observation wheel with dozens of see-through spherical cabins accommodating over 2,000 passengers during each scenic 30-minute rotation.

The project will also facilitate 30-40 entertainment, dining and retail destinations, with a large majority featuring bars and restaurants.

The innovative concept bets on Las Vegas being ready to transition from a casino-centric focus to the more natural type of entertainment evolution seen in best form in cities such as New Orleans and Los Angeles.  Interest is already being generated from outside investors willing to integrate their franchises into the Vegas environment, and The Linq’s part remains to be fully unveiled, with great curiosity arising from what possible form its new identity will take.

Be a part of the vision and visit the The Linq.