Las Vegas Show – Purple Reign

Las Vegas show Purple Reign: Legendary recording artist Prince was a songwriter at age seven and a worldwide phenomenon by the time his first album “For You” went platinum when he was just twenty years old.  His musical influence has spawned a host of imitators looking to honor their personal inspirations through respectful imitation.  For Purple Reign, their Las Vegas show is the perfect opportunity to put on display the same excellence in execution that’s made them the absolute best in their field.Las Vegas Show

Purple Reign’s members managed to cultivate a side project limited in appearance to a select few college clubs into a phenomenal experience considered on an international level to be the premiere Prince tribute band.

They became the first ever impersonator group to appear on Late Show with David Letterman and since then have landed on the Strip, plying their perfected art in a Las Vegas show that is less of a recreation and more of an intense reliving of the stunning brilliance of Prince during the peak of his career.

The 28th annual Las Vegas Review Journal Poll saw fit to award the group with the title of “Best Tribute Act” of 2009.  As with the best performances in the impersonator field, Purple Reign’s Las Vegas show conjures up a magical hourglass, removing future events and placing their audiences right back into a time and place where fond memories repeat themselves in perfect parallels.  Fans of the “Purple Rain” movie, Prince’s acoustic genius and of top quality live music will all find an abundance of value here.  Include a tribute to Morris Day and The Time and this stellar Las Vegas show becomes a shining beacon for the remembrance of all things Prince.

Check out this Las Vegas show next time you are in town!