Throwing the 1st Pitch at The Rays / Red Sox Game

You know it’s a slow night in Tampa when I get asked to throw the 1st pitch 🙂  A direct quote from my facebook fan page from 1 of my supporters: “That honor is usually reserved for pop stars and politicians. When did they amend the rule book to include jugglers in tight shirts?”

Since now apparently.  Busch Gardens Tampa asked me to help represent the park entertainment for this year’s “Summer Nights” program.  I was incredibly honored to be asked, and so very grateful for this opportunity.  Thank you again to everybody in the entertainment office.

To answer the #1 question I’ve received most since that night– “ball.”  I want to lie, but unfortunately I was high.  I’ll take it, though, since they asked me to juggle 5 baseballs on the mound before throwing… and THAT went great.

To answer the #2 question, I will absolutely be posting the footage the Rays took for me when I get access to it..

Hangin with Raymond before the game. Apparently I was a little nervous.. look at those pit stains baby! Niiice..
The very lovely Robyn Martin who sang the National Anthem, and the very lovely Brian LeRiche, Sr. Production Manager at Busch Gardens Tampa