“Reality Check” Podcast with Craig Price

I had a chance to sit down with Craig Price recently for his podcast. We talked about being a Vegas Headliner, Las Vegas Good News, juggling, and more. Check it out below.

Jeff Civillico (@JeffCivillico on Twitter) joins host Craig Price to chat about headlining Vegas. It’s a road trip as Craig heads west on vacation to Sin City. Vegas, Baby, VEGAS! While in town, Craig stopped by the famous Flamingo Hotel & Casino and talked with juggling phenom Jeff Civillico right before his own one-man clean comedy show. They discuss how Jeff went from unknown performer to headlining a Vegas hotel, the need to create your own opportunities, the differences between Vegas audiences compared to traditional crowds, Jeff’s new TV show Las Vegas Good News and how Vegas is such a useful proving ground for working talent. Unlike a casino, you can’t lose listening to Jeff and Craig!

You can download Craig’s app, “Reality Check with Craig Price” here:

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