A Story Reconnecting with My Original Juggling Partner

This is Sean McKelvey. Sean and I went to St. Joe’s Prep high school together in Philly… When I was 16, I was offered a full time summer job performing at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. My parents told me that if Sean could come with me, they were okay with it because Sean was “responsible” 🤣

So Sean and I practiced our juggling routines and our jokes every day before and after school for months, and he joined me for what would become an unforgettable summer and really the start of my professional entertainment career.

We had dinner last night at Venetian after not having seen each other for 15+ years. One of us is now an executive at Amazon and one of us is still performing. Any guesses?? 😜 What a special night.

Check out the pics of us performing together at Busch Gardens over 22 years ago ☺️☺️

Emcee Jeff Civillico and friend Sean McKelvey

A Young Jeff Civillico Balances Cigar Boxes on His Chin

A Young Jeff Civillico Juggles with Volunteer

A Young Jeff Civillico with Sean McKelvey

A Young Jeff Civillico Juggles with Sean McKelvey