Event Entertainment Spotlight on… Rick Lewis!

Event entertainment can be a difficult thing to decide on, do you get someone based on their pure entertainment value or do you go more towards a speaker?

Fortunately with Rick Lewis this classic event entertainment dilemma is solved.Event Entertainment

Rick Lewis is the world’s funniest waiter.  His performance is a three-part ordeal, Rick starts off posing as a waiter for your corporate event.  As the meal progresses Rick’s interactions start to get more and more odd.  Rick’s unconventional waiter skills start to connect all those who interact with him.  The next portion of entertainment starts when the waiter starts to apologize on stage which turns into Rick’s physical comedy routine.  Rick’s combination of juggling, unicycling, acrobatics and comedy will keep your audience captivated.

His third portion of the night is motivational speaking side. Rick shares true stories of his life as a performer and audience member responses to his “waiter” routine that will encourage your guests to remember the power of kindness, generosity, and the strength of the human spirit in challenging times. These compelling examples clearly illustrate the power of positive attitude and Rick delivers them with warmth, humor and emotion. Your group will leave feeling uplifted and inspired.

This year’s event entertainment decision is a no brainer, consider Rick Lewis for your next event.