Las Vegas Show – Rita Rudner

Las Vegas show Rita Rudner:  Rita Rudner’s sweet and soft-spoken personality is the perfect complement to the deadpan one-liners that make her one of the most delightfully mischievous comedians performing today.

Her Las Vegas show is a continuation of the brand of humor that has marked her as one of the rare performers that can reach an audience filled with three generations of fans.Las Vegas Show

Rita has no need for props, special effects or set pieces; her charm and infamous wit excel on their own, transcending the stereotypes of the Strip to deliver material that is both squeaky clean and outrageously funny.

Rita is the author of several bestselling novels, has starred in numerous HBO comedy specials and is a multi-award-winning comic, earning her center stage in a Las Vegas show that continues to pride itself as the Strip’s most successful single comedian performance.  She’ s almost as famous for the luxurious gowns she wears each night as she is for her humor and recently responded to a question asking her if she had a favorite designer.  “Yes, his name is On Sale. Whenever I see that, I go right for that dress. Isn’t he good?”

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a permanent resident, Rita’s observations on the excessive Vegas lifestyle are amusingly accurate.  Her musings on the Grand Canyon’s helicopter tours and the ridiculousness of taking an aerial lift to reach a clothing store get the crowds laughing long before she offers her special brand of insight on the endlessly challenging dynamics of male and female relations.  Every performance ends with an improvised Q&A that gives her a final opportunity to share more gut-busting anecdotes.  Her semi-innocent troublemaking and universal appeal ensure that her Las Vegas show remains an ideal destination for both sexes and all ages.

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