Las Vegas Show – The Riviera Comedy Club

Las Vegas show Riviera Comedy Club:  The Riviera Comedy Club has been voted Best Comedy Club for six consecutive years, due to its ability to attract the nation’s most talked about comedians while giving audiences universally excellent seating in a cozy nightclub environment.  Admission to the Las Vegas show is inexpensive and includes performances by several comics bringing hysterical new material to bear in an effectively simple stage setting.  A single spotlight and microphone focus the Las Vegas show into an unadulterated form, enhancing the personal experience that the Riviera was designed to accommodate.Las Vegas Show

For comedy fans looking for a Las Vegas show that retains the core stand-up experience without the distraction of loud music, flashing lights and elaborate stages, the Riviera is the place to be.

The current rotation of comedians includes Greg Vacariello, Carla Rea, Mike Reynolds, Shayma Tash, John Bizarre, Kathleen Dunbar and Shayma Tash.  Their contributions are bolstered by hilarious guest stars such as Tom Simmons, Daniel Dugar and Larry Reed, notorious for his twisted advice and highly questionable life hacks.

Audiences are treated to multiple comedians during each set and sometimes have the pleasure of experiencing impromptu guest performances by passing celebrities who still remember their history with the long standing Las Vegas show.  Between the rich body of talent, the surprise guest stars and the brilliant diversity of a group of individuals who have mastered a thousand different ways to make you laugh, the Rivera Comedy Club remains an ideal destination to turn your frown upside down and then cement it in place for the remainder of the evening.

Check out this Las Vegas show next time you are in town!