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Win-Win Entertainment is excited to have magician Scott Hitchcock join the team!

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Scott Hitchcock is a great entertainer with an utterly unique style.  His enormous creative range encompasses magic, dance, music, complicated verse, impersonation and improvisation. Scott’s interest in magic was sparked at the age of seven; since then, he has shared his wide repertoire of performances with audiences worldwide. Presenting juggling and improvisational comedy on the streets of New York, sleight of hand at private parties and trade shows throughout the Midwest, and magic & illusion in nightclubs in LA, he has received numerous awards and critical acclaim. Not limiting himself to the United States, he has performed for audiences in Europe and Asia on many occasions.

Now residing in Las Vegas, Scott has been a regular feature at casinos such as Caesar’s Palace, Excalibur, Fitzgeralds and the Orleans. He performs both as a silent comedian and accomplished speaker, able to draw and delight crowds in any situation…on the street, at parties, trade show booths, or on stage. A favorite challenge is designing and performing corporate magic for all occasions.

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