Las Vegas Sun | “Seven Reasons Las Vegas Locals Should Head To the Strip”

Las Vegas Sun, Ron Sylvester

Maybe you haven’t been to the Strip in a while.  We often hear residents bragging about how long it has been since they’ve been there.

It’s time to head over.

Even locals need to remember every once in a while what 40 million tourists already know: the Strip is what makes Las Vegas unique.

Think you’ve already been there, done that?  Probably not.  New hot spots and attractions open on the Strip all the time.  Here are a few little-known gems you may not have tried:

Gem #4: See a new show!

Jeff Civillico brings juggling to a new level with a high-energy comedy show at the Quad, formerly known as Imperial Palace.  Civillico started performing there last spring and has received top reviews from Yelp and Trip Advisor.  He performs at 2 p.m. Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Buy discounted tickets online for as little as $10.

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