Virtual Event Producers and Technicians

There are SO many people working behind-the-scenes to pull off these Virtual Events! Queuing up assets, coordinating live speakers across multiple zone, keeping track of time, running the prompter, handling wardrobe and props, engaging with attendees in the chat (publicly and privately)… not to mention all the volunteers who serve as panelists and attendees for multiple rehearsals to experience the event and provide feedback on audio challenges, video challenges, transition challenges, interface challenges, etc. Shout out to all of the Producers, Engineers, Technicians, and Volunteers that are not getting the accolades they deserve so much!

Contrary to popular belief, Virtual events are NOT easier than in-person events, not for the talent or for the planners. Virtual events require more prep time, more rehearsal time, more creative thinking, and more problem solving.

I believe branding expert / photographer Gregg Carnes captured the “backstage buzz” of a virtual event brilliantly. These images were taken at Chris M. Johnston‘s Truthful Studio, LLC. in Las Vegas during JDRF Nevada’s Virtual Variety Show Fundraiser I hosted this past weekend.

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