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John Kinde saw Jeff perform at National Speakers Association:

“Jeff is a brilliant comic and an amazing athlete. His high-energy performance style is guaranteed to connect with any audience.

Eileen Carroll saw Jeff perform at Corporate Show, Hartford, CT:

“Jeff’s show is hilarious, upbeat and appropriate for all audiences. We would love to have him back!”

Chris Kruse saw Jeff perform at Las Vegas:

“Jeff is an incredible entertainer! He blew everyone away at the performance I attended. His energy, enthusiasm, and humor were second to none. Go see this guy.”

Jean Cherwaiko saw Jeff perform at Disney Magic Cruise Line:

“Just saw Jeff perform on Disney Magic Cruise and what an experience! Jeff was high energy, fun, entertaining and an inspiration!! Thanks for some great shows and best of luck on your career – hopefully you will come to Toronto sometime soon!”

Darcy saw Jeff perform at joggling the Disney marathon!

“Jeff impressed all as he swiftly passed me joggling all 26.2 miles of the Disney marathon!  Great friend and amazing entertainer!