Sin City Brewing Company At The Flamingo

The Flamingo: Sin City Brewing Company is a microbrewery based in Las Vegas with three main locations. The Flamingo houses the largest bar of the three and includes an outdoor seating area. Situated right across from the Wildlife Habitat, this brewery is a great way to kick back, have a beer, and catch up with the latest sporting events.

Sin City Amber, Sin City Light, Sin City Stout, and Sin City Weisse, the four custom brews made by Sin City Brewing Company, along with other seasonal beers are featured at The Flamingo.The Flamingo

The company brews its beers in small batches using only the best raw materials and firmly abides by the German beer purity law, which dates back to 1516. This law, entitled Reinheitsgebot, allows only certain ingredients to be used in the production of beer in order to maintain purity, making Sin City Brewing Company’s beer stand out from its competition.

The microbrew bar’s location at The Flamingo also features a merchandise shop where visitors can purchase items from its retail line. “I Have Sinned” and “Sinner” are printed on the shirts and shorts, making them perfect souvenirs for your Vegas trip. Caps and sweatshirts embroidered with the company logo are sold for both men and women. Glassware and bottle openers are also available for purchase. If you were unable to buy these items in store, the company also has an online shop with even more options.

Don’t miss out on a relaxing atmosphere and great beer at Sin City Brewing Company at The Flamingo!