Las Vegas Show – Sin City Comedy Club

Las Vegas show Sin City Comedy Club:  While hybrid Las Vegas shows are not uncommon, the Sin City Comedy Club goes out on a tantalizing limb with its original take on the comedy experience, spicing up the funny with an exciting burlesque routine.Las Vegas Show

The Las Vegas show is the brainchild of veteran stand-up comedian and Emmy winning writer John Padon, previously known for his work on Comedy Central’s A List and Evening at the Improv and currently known for producing the only comedy routine that leaves its audiences in a definite state of arousal.

Evenings start off as host Penny Tha Prince displays his amazing knack for impressions, bringing Joe Pesci, Denzel Washington and other famous names to life with side-splitting commentary.  Hormones will then gather and multiply at an alarming rate as the Las Vegas show presents members of the elite Sin City Dollz entice and seduce during jaw-dropping dance routines.  Head dancer Dorimar flaunts her wicked appeal by transforming a typical coat rack into something much more, making it a point to get as close to the eager audience as possible.

A rotating cast of hilarious performers follows up with fresh new comedy every night, justifying the club’s recognition as the home for 2010’s Best Comedy Show.  The intimate setting and limited seating guarantee a great view of the stage and the talent, and gives the more exotic aspects of the Las Vegas show easy access to the entire crowd.  Find out why Sin City manages to satisfy on more levels than one, and provides those who lack full appreciation for the female form the leverage to explore the endless shopping opportunities in the immediate vicinity.

Check out this Las Vegas show next time you are in town!