Speakers Steve Spangler & John Sileo

As a professional emcee, I get to meet and connect with a lot of incredible keynote speakers on the speaking circuit… speakers like Steve Spangler and John Sileo.

While I was very familiar with both Steve and John from our mutual affiliation with the National Speakers Association, I hadn’t had the chance to sit down and chat with either of them until just now. John Sileo is speaking at the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) hybrid event this October in Amelia Island, FL that I am hosting. I had met Steve Spangler previously during a Speakers Roundtable event in Las Vegas. Steve is a member, and I came in and did my full clean comedy show one night.

While in Denver on a family vacation this week, I got to hang out with these two guys. What a delight! We had a lot of laughs, and shared lots of fun stories over bourbon. I am so grateful for their hospitality, and for my membership in the National Speakers Association which has given me so many lifelong friends.

MC Jeff Civillico with Keynote Speaker Steve Spangler