Special Guest Shows by Mike Rayburn

With a resident Vegas show 5 days a week, there are times occasionally when unfortunately I cannot be there to perform myself because of other professional or personal obligations – an out-of-town corporate show, a friend’s wedding, etc.

It’s these times when I get to exercise another aspect of my role as “a Vegas guy,” and that is the role of presenter.  My home base venue at The Linq becomes a platform for other entertainers.  I have the opportunity to present other top-notch acts from all over the country that I believe my fan base will genuinely LOVE.  In the past I’ve been fortunate to present family-friendly acts including Tim Gabrielson, Justin Flom, Side Show Bert, and John Castro.

Next week I have the honor of tagging in another phenomenally talented friend in “the business.”  Mike Rayburn and I go waaaay back to the days of “Amazed,” the first show in Vegas I was ever a part of… The show that really started all of this madness for me!

Mike Rayburn
Mike Rayburn – Thought Leader, Keynote Artist, Entertainer

Mike will blow you away.  The word “amazing” gets thrown around a lot, but in this case I can assure you it’s 100% accurate – Mike is amazing on the guitar, but moreso he is hysterically funny and brilliantly creative.

As always when I present special guest shows– the artist is 100% family-friendly, and ALL tickets, coupons, comps for MY show will be honored on August 13th and 14th for MIKE’S show. 

If you’re in town August 13th or 14th, do yourself a favor and GO SEE MIKE!  I guarantee you will love him.