Spotlight on Craig Palcisko, Audio Guru for “Comedy in Action”

While there’s just one guy onstage at “Comedy in Action,” it takes a team of talented folks to make any Las Vegas show happen.

Today, we turn the spotlight on our sound engineer, Craig Palcisko. Without him, audiences would only get half a show (the juggling, but not the comedy).

When we asked Craig to answer a few questions, he said, “There’s a reason spotlights are focused on stage performers and not on audio dudes, but I’ll indulge you.” Thanks for playing along, Craig.

Q: What’s your role in the show?

A: Guru of Audio, emergency belt provider, and mainly to make sure Jeff doesn’t fall down and stub his toe, on or off the stage.

Q: What do sound engineers do?

A: My goal as a sound engineer is to be invisible in the mix and to bring out people’s dreams.

It's a lot more complicated than you might suspect.
It’s a lot more complicated than you might suspect.

Q: Where are you from and what’s your background?

A: I’m from Cleveland, otherwise known as Believeland, home of the Dawg Pound and all-around underdog sports franchises. I used to think I’d be the next Eddie Van Halen on the guitar, but eventually that morphed into an audio engineering career instead. I landed a gig on Carnival Cruise Lines and eventually worked my way up to a position that never even existed before I created it, the Entertainment Audio Supervisor for the entire fleet of ships. I then moved to Las Vegas for some new challenges and started a small recording business, Cisko Sound Productions.

Q: What was your strangest gig? Well, before “Comedy in Action”?

A: Capturing the audio for Mr. Steve Wynn’s wedding. (Yes, that Steve Wynn). Clint Eastwood was his best man and Lionel Richie was the musical entertainment for the evening. There were all kinds of Hollywood heavyweights walking around like Sylvester Stallone, etc.

Q: What do you do when you’re not at work?

A: I’m a connoisseur of fine Mexican foods and imbibements. It’s been a very tough year for me since my two most favorite establishments have closed and I have yet to find suitable substitutes for them.

Q: Loaded question, but what do you like most about “Comedy in Action”?

A: The ohh-so-smooth spontaneity one can find in the one-hour-and-15-minute joy ride known as Jeff Civillico’s “Comedy In Action” (dark Tuesdays and Fridays) intrigues me. There are always plenty of surprises sprinkled throughout his performances as well. Come visit us at The Linq at 4:00 p.m. and let’s all find out together what the Philly Kid has up his sleeve next.

Thanks for everything you do to help make the show such a smashing success, Craig!