Corporate Entertainment – Spotlight Section

Corporate entertainment is a very unique facet of the live entertainment world that presents it’s own set of challenges for both the client and the performer.  The client must find entertainment that does not offend or embarrass anyone in the audience, yet is still genuinely funny.  Considering the tension, misdirection, and extreme situations that create laughs, that’s a tall order.  And often the event planner must find different entertainment of this kind and caliber year after year after year.  The event may change theme, city, and goals, but unlike a college or Las Vegas show, the audience stays the same.

The question I hear again and again from corporate entertainment event producers– this was great, but now what am I going to do for next year??

In my career to date I’ve come across several performers who solve this problem for event planners and production companies.  These are performers you can count on to knock it out of the park night in and night out!

I’d like to turn the spotlight on some pros in the corporate entertainment market that will give you that guaranteed home run at next year’s event.