What is “Succeeding in Sync?"

“Succeeding in Sync” is an interactive, team building juggling workshop tailored specifically to the corporate market. Jeff transforms the process of “learning how to juggle” into a metaphor for tackling any new task.

Jeff deconstructs the art of juggling into a systematic process that can be learned by all who are willing to step out of their comfort zone. Everyone works together to achieve a desired outcome.

Companies love the workshop because it reinforces essential workforce themes— determination, patience, goal-setting, etc. Employees love the workshop because it’s a team building program that is unique, engaging, and FUN.

Why Choose “Juggling Life: Succeeding in Sync?”

1) It’s active. Attendees are on their feet. There’s upbeat music on. Jeff is out in the audience engaging with your people. There’s great energy in the room!

2) It’s interactive. Attendees partner up and work together, side-by-side, to achieve the common goal of learning how to juggle.

3) It’s full of business takeaways. Throughout the workshop, Jeff pulls out thoughts from the audience and facilitates a “bigger picture” conversation of what’s going on beyond the specifics of the juggling: teamwork, focus, perception, limiting beliefs, etc.

4) It’s 100% customizable: content, timing, performance, etc. Are you trying to align your people around specific messaging? Is your goal to foster new connections among your attendees? Are you simply looking to entertain everyone, and make sure they are having a good time? Just tell Jeff what your focus is, and he’ll do the rest!

5) It’s FUN! Jeff is a master entertainer with decades of experience and accolades as a clean comedy performer. He kicks off the workshop with a juggling performance to break the ice and get everyone laughing, and he “works the room” on the mic throughout. Your attendees will have a blast!

"Jeff Civillico's workshop was probably one of the best investments our organization has made for itself in a long time. Jeff's energy really brought out the best in my management team. Topping off the engagement with the chance to see him in action in the show, not only gave them a needed reward for the effort they had just exerted, but also provided a great opportunity to see the skills perfected."
Lawrence Barnard
St. Rose - Nevada Market President at Dignity Health
“I had the fortune of planning our corporate team outing with Jeff and he was so gracious and accommodating in how he interacted with our team. He taught us how to juggle! I'm no expert, but I'm 1 ball up from what I was before We LOVED Jeff! Highly recommended!"
Caesars Entertainment Logo
Jenifer A. Isa
Leisure Sales Manager at Caesars Entertainment
"If someone were to say to me 'hey you're going to have a juggler come entertain and do a workshop' I would have said, 'no way, no how because my perception is that it's not going to be something that inspires or ignites fire or excitement. Totally wrong. It was incredible."
Jeff Rust
Partner at Truss

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