Show / Motivational Talk for Sunrise Elementary School – Bullhead City, AZ

Great show / motivational talk today for the children at Sunrise Elementary in Bullhead City, AZ.  Getting my name out to the Laughlin area community in advance of my summer run at Harrah’s Laughlin coming up June 12-29.  Great kids!  In addition to the show, I got to spend some time afterwards talking to them about how I got involved in what I do, pursuing what makes you happy, etc.  And we had an awesome Q&A sessions too!  One of the questions I received was if their P.E. teacher could pie me in the face haha sure!!  Why not…

Mr. Civillico is definitely one of a kind.  Being able to entertain people of all ages and “knock it out of the park” is extraordinary.  Thank you for what you gentlemen did today.  I’m sure Sunrise students will never forget what they saw today!!!  I know I won’t.
– Mr. Perkins, Sunrise Music (K-5)

Jeff Civillico is highly entertaining. The students and faculty loved his show and are still talking about it today! Besides sharing his juggling and comedy, Jeff Civillico spoke about how he became an entertainer, practice and dedication, as well as turning your passion into a career.  Definitely a must see!

Thanks again, Jeff.  You’ve made an indelible imprint on many lives today.  WOW!!!

-Jennifer Flatten, Sunrise Elementary Principal

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