Susan Haller | Win-Win Entertainment

Win-Win Entertainment is inspired to have singer Susan Haller on our team!

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Susan has over a decade of experience in non-profit fund raising, development, marketing, and in-person sales of a wide range of creative products. Successes have included entertainment, music, special event production, fashion, toys, fine art, and numerous advertising media including print, outdoor, on-line, and television. Starting with just general concepts within companies, she has independently built, staffed, and trained departments to where they provided effective support for both back office as well as customer-facing activities.

Having composed over two hundred original songs, network TV commercials, and countless voiceover scripts, advertisements, and media releases. She is an accomplished performer that has written and starred in numerous live stage productions, and cabaret musical events as well as in radio and TV commercials in the Seattle and Las Vegas media markets.

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