Las Vegas Show – The Symphonic Rockshow

Las Vegas show The Symphonic Rockshow: The Symphonic Rockshow is a collection of some of the biggest hits in music from groups like Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith,  Queen, and Pink Floyd.

Las Vegas show combines classical and rock music for an experience to remember. 

Las Vegas Show

Las Vegas show The Symphonic Rockshow takes audiences on a rollercoaster of the senses. Not only does this Las Vegas show combine classical and rock music, but it includes light, sound, and multimedia effects.  Some hit songs that audiences should expect to hear are Stairway to Heaven, Live and Let Die, and Bohemian Rhapsody. Vocalist Brody Dolyniuk, an awesome band, and 25 very talented orchestral musicians will perform the Symphonic Rockshow. The Las Vegas show will last approximately two hours. Something to keep in mind is that like any other Las Vegas show, there will be an after party for The Symphonic Rockshow. The $79 Las Vegas show ticket price includes access to the After Party, which includes live music and a meet and greet with the performers.

Don’t miss out on Las Vegas show The Symphonic Rockshow or the After Party! 

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