Jeff Civillico's Testimonials

When booking an emcee, entertainer or keynote speaker, trust is essential! And who would be better to share feedback than past clients? Jeff Civillico has over 500 testimonials from THRILLED past clients! 
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“Jeff Civillico presented his “Get More Gigs” Program at our most recent monthly chapter meeting for National Speakers Association in St. Louis. As the current president of our chapter, I have seen a lot of tremendous speakers visit us over the years. Jeff probably delivered more value per minute than anyone yet! His program is laid out in such a smooth and understandable way, and carried incredible value for speakers ranging from beginners to experienced veterans. Of course, having the amazing material delivered with the trademark energy and fun that Jeff brings made the presentation that much more impactful. I give my highest recommendation both for having Jeff as a speaker and his “Get More Gigs” program for any speaker or speaker organization. THANK YOU Jeff for being so generous with your time, talent, and knowledge!!”

~Joe Fingerhut

President at National Speakers Association, St. Louis Chapter

“Jeff Civillico was the closing keynote at our Peak Leadership Summit in Niagara Falls, Ontario. From before he even arrived on-site, Jeff felt like a member of our team. His suggestions and insight from years of experience added so much to our team’s planning phase. Thanks to Jeff, we were able to include details at our conference that enhanced the customer experience exponentially.

Jeff’s keynote grabbed the attention of our audience instantly. For an audience of high-powered entrepreneurs, performers, and business experts, Jeff’s content on how to get more clients and increase sales was right on the money. We have received several requests to have Jeff back next year for Peak 2025, and everyone asked for him to have even more time on stage.

One of the greatest value-adds that our Peak members received was the ability to continue their learning with Jeff through his incredible “Get More Gigs” online training program and live virtual mastermind. We already have members signed up ready to capitalize on Jeff’s invaluable expertise.

This talk is applicable to anyone who works with other people and wants to substantially increase their income in the next 6-12 months.

Thank you, Jeff! You are a master of Peak Performance, and you made our conference a smashing success!”

~Tom Pesce

Co-Host/Producer of PEAK Leadership Summit

“We recently had Jeff Civillico speak at our annual meeting. He was the final keynote speaker of our 3-day conference. In our pre-conference meetings, Jeff took the time to learn about our organization and what our goal was with the keynote address. At the meeting, he took the time to get to know some of our team and become even more familiar with the organization.

He has a remarkable ability to tailor his message to meet our specific needs and it felt like he had been part of our organization for several years. The message was exactly what we had hoped it would be. A perfect blend of entertainment and inspiration.

I can, with great confidence, recommend Jeff for your event. His passion, charisma, stage presence and natural ability to inspire and motivate others will allow him to deliver a memorable experience for your audience, just as he did for us.”

~Troy Tait

Senior Vice President at Med One Group

Jeff – thank you so much for joining us this year! You were phenomenal and any group will be lucky to have you as a keynote speaker.”

~Michele Yonash

Chief Operating Officer of SaniGLAZE

“We booked Jeff very last minute to help bring the energy to our corporate awards event as we had nearly 80 awards to celebrate. It was the best thing that we could have done! Jeff was absolutely amazing! In the limited time that we had to prepare, Jeff offered his suggestions and recommendations on how to structure the evening, and offering his professional advice, considering the international audience. On the night, Jeff made a huge difference to the atmosphere in the room, and raised the enjoyment factor for everyone there. The energy in the room was electric and feedback from attendees was extremely positive, with people saying this was the best corporate awards event they had attended. Thank you Jeff – you did an excellent job and I’m so grateful.”

~Charlotte Baxter-Hassall

Content Producer, BI Worldwide

“Jeff worked with us in support of our National Field Meeting. Jeff was really fantastic and raised the level of our meeting significantly. I can’t state strongly enough how happy we were. Jeff really carried the meeting, kept us moving, and kept our engagement at a very high level. Jeff also really impressed me with his pre-work, learning about our organization in advance and tying his comments and keynote to our organization and was spot on with his understanding. Jeff was also very energetic, very quick to adjust and understand when we asked, and worked very closely with us throughout the weeklong meeting. Our team was unanimous that Jeff will be part of our future meetings.”

~John Cook

Director, Field Operations, Hyundai Motor America

“Jeff joined Hyundai’s National Field Meeting this year and it was a huge success due to him. He brought a level of clean comedy, fun and structure to the meeting that it was lacking in prior years.

The meeting takes place over the course of a week. In recapping with many folks across the country, all agree that Jeff was the best part of the week. He was professional, fun and very easy to work with. He took the time ahead of the meeting to get to know us and our organization so his appearances would be on point. Also, the vendor we worked with to put the meeting together said he was a dream to work with. He really was the best part of the week. Everyone at Hyundai is hoping he is able to join us again next year.”

~Melissa Polson

Sr. Manager Sales Operations, Hyundai Motor America

“I am the Development Director at the Las Vegas Academy for the Arts. We recently had Jeff Civillico emcee our gala at Planey Hollywood to raise money for arts education. (Jan, 2024) His work was amazing! His energy and preparationfor the event was second to none. Jeff is professional and organized in the preparation phase, and brings his personality and talents to make the show amazing. We have a lot going on at our gala, and he did a great job all the way though the event. He even did a juggling bit with one of our students as part of the show and a collaboration with one of our vocal students for a performance. The night was a great success, and everyone loved Jeff as the emcee!
If you are looking for the best, get in touch the Jeff!!

Jeff Civillico was a keynote speaker for the Arts School Network Conference in October of 2022. I worked with Jeff in my roll as co-host for the conference. Jeff knocked it out of the park with his keynote!!!
In the planning leading up to the conference both himself and his team communicated and worked to make sure that he delivered on the themes and connected to the vision and purpose of our organization.
During the keynote, he had everyone laughing, entertained, and engaged. His energy and delivery were contagious and the crowd of 450 arts education leaders from around the country left the keynote in a much better place than where we started. In addition to being entertaining, Jeff’s message was content driven and made an impact that was felt for the rest of the conference. For the rest of the conference I received numerous comments about how Jeff’s keynote was one of the best they had ever seen.
Please consider using Jeff Civillico for your organization.”

~Brian Downey

Development Director at Las Vegas Academy of the Arts

“Jeff did a fantastic job of not only entertaining but bringing a tremendous message on making an impact on other people’s lives even when you may not even realize it. Jeff was extremely professional and easy to work with. I would highly recommend him to any organization who is looking to add some laughs, excitement and motivation to their organization!”

~Ryan Holloway

Senior Director of Agency at Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance

“Jeff is a pro! He spoke to the organization I’m Executive Director of in January of 2024 and our group couldn’t have been more energized by his appearance. Jeff entertained, informed and had people engaged for the entire time he was on stage. Book him…you won’t regret it. He’s a pro without the diva thing and I couldn’t recommend him more. And it’s always a good sign that the crowd enjoyed it when other business leaders in town come up to me to inquire about booking our guest. That happened with multiple people after Jeff’s event. Thanks again Jeff!”

~Dave Johnson

Global Real Estate Advisor at Sotheby's International Realty, Executive Director at WIN Nevada

“Jeff spoke at our first event of 2024, and he knocked it out of the park! After the event, our members and guests were energized and ready to tackle whatever was thrown at them. He was the perfect blend of motivating and entertaining. If there’s an opportunity to bring Jeff in for an event, definitely do it!”

~Bryce Warner

Employee Benefits Consultant at LP Insurance Services, President of WIN Nevada

“WORK WITH JEFF! Jeff is professional, energizing, sincere and a joy to work with. He had the attention of the WIN Speaker Series audience for the entire hour. Jeff also had them laughing and talking with one another. He did not speak at the group, he engaged with the group. Jeff was in the audience walking around, high fiving and making everyone feel important. The WIN Speaker Series members were buzzing about his message and demeanor. WORK WITH JEFF!”

~Joy Heuer

Executive Director at Girls on the Run, Past President of WIN Nevada

“Jeff Civillico is a must have for keeping meetings and events energetic and engaging! He is such a professional to work with and goes above and beyond to learn about the company and culture of the company he is working with. We engaged in an excellent team building activity that involved designing and packing boxes for children in the hospital. It was great to give back and get our whole group involved. If you’re looking to entertain yet motivate your team, Jeff is the man for the job. Our team thoroughly enjoyed his keynote, team building activity and just getting to know him through our social events. Thank you, Jeff!”

~Ashley Sullivan

Senior Event Production Coordinator at Heraeus Medical USA

“For an engaging and entertaining keynote, I highly recommend Jeff Civillico. Jeff kicked off our event with pure energy and enthusiasm! He captured the audience’s attention from the moment he stepped on stage. Jeff knows how to connect with groups on a personal level and present a message that truly resonates. He has received rave reviews from our attendees. Not only that, but he was also very professional, organized, and communicative throughout the planning process, which is an amazing benefit for event planners. If you want a keynote speaker that delivers across the board, hire Jeff Civillico!”

~Heather Gims

Senior Communication Specialist at Gold Medal Products

“At Saturday’s meeting of the National Speakers Association’s Southern California chapter, Jeff delivered a super engaging talk called “Book More Gigs: Best Practices Before, During, and After Events.” His virtual presentation (conducted entirely via Zoom) captivated the audience from start to finish. Jeff generously revealed insights from his extensive speaking career, offering valuable, practical advice on standing out as a speaker once you’ve secured an engagement. His professionalism and approachability throughout the booking process were equally impressive. I wholeheartedly endorse Jeff for anyone looking to enhance their live in-person or virtual events!”

~AJ MacQuarrie

2024 President at National Speakers Association SoCal

“NSA Carolinas just hosted Jeff to keynote one of our chapter workshops virtually. He was PHENOMENAL and 6/5 stars! Jeff is not only a fabulous keynoter and entertainer, but also a professional Emcee and Las Vegas headliner. 10 years ago I saw Jeff live in Vegas during his show and remember thinking, “this guy is special.” 10 years later he’s earning Hall of Fame speaker designation from the National Speakers Association! Duly deserved! Jeff is absolutely fantastic. For your next corporate/association event, Jeff will deliver and be the best you’ve ever seen.” 

~Kevin Snyder

2023-2024 President at NSA Carolinas

“Jeff is an amazing performer and an astute business leader. He has the unique ability to wow an audience while also Imparting business and leadership skills. He was a recent keynote for our conference of ~700 college students interested in entrepreneurship. He began by demonstrating credibility for his trade as a performer with a top notch juggling performance and then shared his story of building a business and brand and ended with an incredible challenge to the group. All in less than an hour. As a long time entrepreneurship educator and entrepreneur, I can honestly say this was one of the best keynotes I have ever experienced – and that says a lot because I have attended too many conferences to count over the years.”

~Dr. Rebecca White

James W Walter Distinguished Chair of Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship Center Director at University of Tampa

“Jeff embodies professionalism! Even when things don’t go as planned, he adapts to the situation in a way only a highly-skilled and experienced presenter can. He is committed to his clients and laser focused on their satisfaction.”

~Joel Neaveill

Director of Procurement at Louisville Metro Government

“Jeff brought the fun and energy to our #BeefBash23 stage! In advance of the event he was great to work with, he truly engaged us in developing his message, he valued saying things right and he was willing to customize and add the fun! Jeff worked with us to create a completely custom session which included juggling Certified Angus Beef Filets! He brought so much energy and created a complete surprise and delight moment for our audience. Additionally, he brought up a volunteer and had so much fun with him, later that day when that volunteer had to come back to the stage; the crowd was still chanting his name.

Thanks for being awesome, Jeff! And thanks for being not just a presenter, but a true partner to us to build a session that wowed our attendees!”

~Danielle Matter

Director, Brand Experience & Education at Certified Angus Beef

“Jeff presented a program (not his keynote) to NSA-LV (Las Vegas). He was amazing. Although he didn’t juggle anything, he did share his process for dealing with clients before, during, and after an engagement to maximize repeat business and word of mouth marketing. He was open and honest about his business and genuinely wanted to help our members. It was obvious that he LOVED taking questions from the audience. At our Monday debrief, everyone had a list of take-aways. My favorite take-away is to put AirTags in my backpack and my luggage. (I already ordered some.) Another take-away is to over-communicate with clients, especially your process and what they should expect. Of course, Jeff is talented, but a lot of people are talented. There is no doubt his processes are a big reason for his incredible success. If he’s willing to share with your chapter, jump at the chance.
Mark Stiving, President of NSA Las Vegas.”

~Mark Stiving

2023 President at National Speakers Association of Las Vegas