Las Vegas Show – The Addams Family

Las Vegas show The Addams Family: The weird family people remember watching on television is making their way to the stage in this production of The Addams Family.

Las Vegas show The Addams Family is a unique musical with an original story line. Las Vegas Show

The Addams Family stage production and Las Vegas show is a musical with a story line that is unique from other Addams’ plots. The Las Vegas show tells a love story between the weirdly lovely Wednesday Addams and a normal boy. The problem in the Las Vegas show is that Wednesday’s parents have not met her dream boy. Wednesday tells her father about her new love and he must now keep a secret from his wonderful wife, something he has never done. Unable to keep the secret, the normal boy and his family are invited to dinner with the Addams. Nothing will be the same after the dinner. This Las Vegas show is full of drama and weird characters. While this is an engaging performance, those under the age of seven are recommended to stay at home for the night.


The same authors of Jersey Boys present to audiences the Las Vegas show The Addams Family