The Best Corporate Team-Building Event Ever? Yes, Please!

What do Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Jeff Civillico all have in common? We’ve all been to space! Ok maybe not actual space, but zero gravity at least! I don’t recall Bezos and Musk juggling in space though, so who’s really pushing boundaries here? 🙂 Kidding aside, I did recently have the extreme pleasure of experiencing a totally weightless environment with the help of my friends at Zero-G! 

Not too long ago, the team reached out to challenge me to juggle during a weightless flight. Zero-G boasts an experience “like nothing on Earth,” and as the only commercial opportunity for an individual to experience true weightlessness without going into space, I knew I was up for the challenge. What followed was hands-down the coolest and most unique experience of my life!

Out of all the elite athletes in the world, Zero-G reached out to me—gold medal juggler and chin-balancing extraordinaire—to try my luck in zero gravity. Now having experienced Zero-G for myself, I can say with full certainty that I’ve officially discovered the best corporate team-building event of the decade, if not of all time! Let’s dig into why everyone should try Zero-G at least once.

What is the Zero-G Experience? 

Before I dive too deep into why I loved this opportunity so much, let me explain a bit more about the Zero-G Experience. The Zero Gravity Corporation is a leading-edge space entertainment and tourism company that’s on a mission to make space accessible to the public, not just billionaire CEOs and world-class astronauts—yes, please!

The Zero-G experience is the only commercial opportunity on Earth for normal people to experience the total weightlessness of zero gravity without actually going to space. Passengers hop aboard the G-FORCE ONE, a modified Boeing 727-200 with an upgraded hydraulic system that allows for continuous pressure during parabolic performance, the key to zero gravity.

Throughout the flight, specially trained pilots perform 15 aerobatic maneuvers called parabolas, which take about ten miles of airspace to perform and allow passengers to experience Lunar gravity, Martian gravity, and total zero gravity. The G-FORCE ONE has been tested and approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and the Zero-G experience is second to none

The Zero-G Challenge: Juggle While Weightless 

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t totally jealous when billionaires like Richard Branson were spotted floating around in space, but I resigned to the fact that I was more likely to board a Virgin Atlantic flight than a spacecraft. Then, the next thing I knew, I had a message on LinkedIn from the team at Zero-G, who challenged me to juggle in zero gravity. I could not believe it! 

After checking out the Zero-G website, I quickly realized that the Zero-G Experience would be as close as I’d ever get to space in my lifetime. Of course, the crew at Zero-G knew I wouldn’t be one to turn down such a unique challenge, and with my expansive network, they were confident I could spread the message of their incredible flights far and wide. 

Suddenly, the pieces to my zero gravity adventure were falling into place. I flew from Las Vegas to Denver where my flight was slated for takeoff, zipped into my Zero-G flight suit, crossed my fingers, and pressed record to document the entire experience. You can check out how the juggling went for yourself… but be warned, you’re in for a ton of laughs!



An Experience Unlike Anything on Earth 

You might be fooled at first glance, thinking that the bold marketing for Zero-G is simply for link clicks. Do not be fooled! The Zero-G team makes some really daring claims, but they are so true—and other brands who claim to be as revolutionary should take note! The Zero-G crew is the complete embodiment of putting your money where your mouth is.

The Zero-G Experience claims to be unlike anything on Earth—and folks, they are not lying! When I unclipped my seat belt to experience zero gravity for the first time, I simply could not stop smiling and laughing! It was a truly otherworldly experience that could not be replicated down here on Earth. Thank you Zero-G for such a genuinely fun, euphoric opportunity that I will never forget! 

Completing the zero gravity flight overwhelmed me emotionally, in the best way possible. I can’t quite articulate just how breathtaking those first few moments were, but I can say that I felt like a total superhero! It was such an awesome experience, yet in true corporate entertainer fashion, I couldn’t help but think about how fantastic it could be as a team-building event.

So, read on to learn why I think everyone should experience zero gravity at least once!

Why Everyone Needs to Do This At Least Once

If you want to come as close to going into space as possible, a la Branson or Musk, the Zero-G Experience is a total no-brainer. So, for all my space lovers and science aficionados, this trip is for you! However, this experience is also perfect for anyone looking to find a state of total euphoria, connection, and adrenaline. 

Let me break down why the Zero-G Experience is perfect for everyone: 

  1. It’s accessible. The Zero-G team offers a simple training session that includes a few informative videos over a light breakfast, along with direct instructions from your dedicated coach. No fancy degrees or previous flight experience are necessary!
  2. It’s educational. Throughout the Zero-G flight, your pilots and coach will explain exactly what’s happening in regards to gravity in the cabin, talking you through changes in Lunar gravity, Mars gravity, and zero gravity.
  3. It’s connective. Though I didn’t know anyone aboard my Zero-G flight, we were all friends by the time we landed—we practically knew each other’s life stories because we were involved in such a unique bonding experience together! 

As someone who works at corporate and association events, award shows, and fundraisers, I’m quite familiar with the prizes that companies give to top earners or sales teams. As a corporate entertainer, I know that companies would absolutely love the opportunity to send their employees on a Zero-G Experience as an incentive trip or corporate team-building event. 

A One-of-a-Kind Team-Building Event for the Ages

So, why is the Zero-G Experience so perfect for a team-building event? For one, a Zero-G flight is available in tons of locations, including major cities like Miami, Washington, and Las Vegas. After a conference or award show, you can simply tell your team to head to the airport at 8 a.m. for their zero gravity flight—no additional work necessary!

Secondly, up to 25 different team members could receive a zero gravity flight as a prize. While I’ll always be partial to my juggling workshop as the best team-building activity, I’d be lying if I said this 25-person trip isn’t the best possible corporate team-building excursion around! The Zero-G Experience puts team members in a state they simply could not experience on Earth.

However, those aren’t the only reasons why I think the Zero-G Experience is a one-of-a-kind team-building event, if not the event of the decade:

  1. It’s unique. Sick of giving out the same trip to Aruba? I get it! A Zero-G flight is unlike anything your team members have ever or will ever experience! Companies are always looking for the next, most unique thing and this is definitely it. 
  2. It’s thrilling. A Zero-G Experience is the perfect mix of excitement and nervousness—it’s a major rush of adrenaline that will take employees out of their regular day-to-day mindset and completely refocus into the here and now.
  3. It’s engaging. From personal experience, I can say that even total strangers can become friends after this experience. Between cross-departmental teams and employees from different branches, Zero-G flights form bonds between passengers that could not be replicated elsewhere. 

When I say the Zero-G Experience is unlike anything else in the world, I really mean it. After more than a decade on the Las Vegas strip, I’ve seen the smoke and mirrors that companies use to beef up their service offerings. I can say with full confidence that Zero-G delivers on what they say is an experience unlike anything on Earth and that your team will absolutely love it. 

Are You Ready for the Experience of a Lifetime? 

What do you say, are you ready to try your hand at zero gravity? Better yet, are you ready to let your employees give weightlessness their best shot? For anyone involved in planning team-building events, award shows, travel incentive groups, and more, reach out to me today. I would be honored to connect you directly with my contacts at the Zero-G experience, so you and the crew at Zero-G can plan the experience of a lifetime.