The Chat Feature at Virtual Events

Thunderous applause has been replaced by 👏👏 Rolling laughter has been replaced by “haha” or maybe an “LOL” if you’re really killing it.

I must admit that the lack of audible response during so many of these virtual shows can be tough, but looking on the positive side: it’s always nice to see the outpouring of praise and positivity that often pours out publicly into the chat during virtual events. There often wasn’t really a way for that to happen at live events. Attendees often didn’t have a direct line of communication to the speaker. They rush out, head to the bathroom, run to their next session or back to their hotel rooms. But now, everyone can take 10 seconds and communicate with presenters and planners all at once, and show their appreciation for all of the hard work and effort that has gone into producing the event. It’s nice 🙂

What are some of the best things about the chat feature for virtual events in your experiences? Any stories or “moments” come to mind?

For more information on how to engage virtual attendees through the chat feature, just reach out to me or my production team at Show Creators Studios.