The Flamingo’s Garden Bar

The Flamingo is one of Las Vegas’ oldest and most historic Casinos.  Opened in 1946, Bugsy Siegel’s brainchild is situated in one of the most intriguing areas of The Strip.  On one side of the hotel and casino is the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas Boulevard.  The other side, however, offers guests a serene environment of lush gardens, pools, and a wildlife habitat.

On the backside of The Flamingo guests will also findThe Flamingo the Garden Bar. Situated on an elevated deck, this tropical themed gathering point serves up different cocktails and drinks from 10AM-4AM daily.

Although one’s initial thoughts might be “why would I want to sit outside in the Nevada heat?” guests tend to be pleasantly surprised once they take their seat.  As a result of The Flamingo‘s bar being located in the same area as the two pools and lush green garden the temperature feels about ten degrees lower than it actually is.

Several televisions surround the bar so you don’t have to worry about missing a moment of your favorite sports.  A mix of contemporary music and other favorites, such as Bob Marley, fill the warm air outside of The Flamingo.

Check out The Flamingo’s website for more information on this great hangout spot!