Charity Event Entertainment Testimonial- The Small and Mighty Celebration

Event entertainment is one of Jeff’s specialties.  He has performed for hundreds of major charities nationwide – banquets, award shows – you name it!Event Entertainment

Check out this charity event entertainment testimonial from The Small and Mighty.

“We created The Small and Mighty Celebration as a dream to bring families and friends together for an annual fundraiser to celebrate a magical night dedicated to some very amazing children who have fought against cancer and their courageous siblings who have stood by them. This night is a tribute to all of these “Small and Mighty” children who have shown such dignity, strength, and determination throughout this journey. Approximately 450 people attend, with 130 of those being children.

We always hoped that one day we would be able to bring out a wonderful family entertainer to perform at our event. We were blessed to meet Jeff Civillico on a Disney Cruise and the entire family, grandparents included, fell in love with him. His ability to interact with people of all ages and read the crowd is incredible. With open arms, Jeff agreed to come to our fundraiser. His work schedule was busy and the only way that he would be able to make our date was for him to spend the entire day traveling and arrive at our event an hour before he would perform. He had to fly out the next morning at 5:30 am, but he insisted that he wanted to come out to entertain the children. That in itself is a testament to his compassionate character. Jeff was so accommodating and willing to do whatever he could to make our night extra special.

His enthusiasm and energy were contagious and the audience was enthralled with his show. Days after the event, I still have people begging for Jeff to come back again next year. These children have been forced to grow up way too fast – they are mature beyond their years. For just one night, they were able to come and forget their worries. As they watched Jeff perform, their eyes lit up and their faces filled with pure joy. Thank you Jeff for helping these children be kids again and giving them a night of memories to last a life time. So many have told me that it was the best night of their lives! We would be honored and privileged to have you attend our fundraiser anytime.”

Best wishes,

Amy & Tom Andrews

Below are some comments made by the cancer survivors and their siblings:

“Jeff could do amazing tricks. He balanced a ladder on his chin. That was really cool! I liked going up on stage with him to help with a trick. Jeff, you are the best!” Ethan, age 8

“Jeff was energetic and so much fun to watch. His unicycle act was so funny that I didn’t want it to end.” Megan, age 11

“I couldn’t take my eyes off the stage until his act was done.” Noah, age 10

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