The Vegas Voice: “Meet Las Vegas’ Newest Headliner: Jeff Civillico!”

By Erin Kay Cawley

 “Meet Jeff Civillico!  He is Las Vegas’ newest headliner on The Strip. Jeff Civillico

 Jeff opened at The Linq at the start of summer.  As the new guy in town, he is making a name for himself with his Comedy in Action show, and his brand of good, clean fun.

Before each show, Jeff does something unheard of among headliners.  He mingles with the audience!

He talks to as many people in as he can, thanking them personally for coming to the show and learning where they’re from.  You immediately get the sense that Jeff loves what he does for a living, and is very grateful for the opportunity to perform.  He plays with the audience, poses for silly pictures, and brings the room together before the show even starts.

His act can best be described as a high-energy, interactive comedy show.  The biggest misconception about Jeff’s act is that it’s “a juggling show.” 

Jeff merely uses juggling as a medium, as a way to connect with the audience.  Sure, he juggles bowling balls, knives, plungers, and everything else you could possibly imagine, but what Jeff really does is make people laugh… A LOT.  

With his infinite amount of energy and his love for entertaining others, Jeff manages to do it all!  Check out Jeff’s 2PM show at The Linq as soon as you possibly can, and be prepared to laugh!

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