The Zero G Experience – Incredible

The Zero-G Experience’s website makes some pretty bold marketing statements, referring to flying in zero gravity with them “like nothing on earth” and a “one-of-a-kind opportunity.” Over the weekend I got to experience it myself and even with that kind of hype and buildup, I can emphatically state that the experience was better than I ever could have imagined. It was epic, and I hate that word 🙂

My friend recently published a bucket list of once-in-a-lifetime experiences he wanted to do before he died (think running with the bulls and swimming with sharks). I texted him immediately upon landing and told him he needed to add The Zero G Experience to his list!

I’ve done some pretty crazy things in my lifetime, like bungee jumping on my unicycle in New Zealand and “Rappugling” down Planet Hollywood Casino, but this was right up there as far as adrenaline rush is concerned. The sheer joy of experiencing weightlessness was overwhelming. I was not prepared for how euphoric it would be. I was laughing and giggling uncontrollably the entire time.

I’m so excited to share the professional photos and videos that were captured during my zero gravity flight in the next few days, but I had to write something right away to express my gratitude and positive thoughts on this experience.

Learn more about The Zero-G Experience.

Selfie of Host Jeff Civillico in uniform before he goes into zero gravityJeff Civillico with a big smile about to float in zero gravity