Corporate Entertainment Spotlight… Tim Gabrielson

Corporate entertainment is Tim Gabrielson’s specialty! He is just plain funny. Period. From his facial expressions to pulling a $100 bill out of a tomato, Gabrielson delivers a Corporate Entertainmentperformance of nearly 100%, non-stop laughter.

A winning corporate entertainment experience is hard to gauge…some say it’s by applause, others by audience interaction.

Regardless of the measurement, inspirational Keynote speaker, author and comedic magician Tim Gabrielson takes his audience on a captivating adventure every time he steps on stage.


Using quick wit, interactive magic and a playful spirit to connect with his audience, Tim focuses on his underlying theme of “keeping it funny” and helps audiences choose to live positively, as he takes them on his comedic journey. He masterfully weaves his uplifting message throughout his presentation and leaves the audience thoroughly entertained, enlivened, and inspired.

Recent testimonials from Carlson Companies who said, “Tim Gabrielson is all you need to make your event a huge success” and Jostens who exclaimed, “Our Conference was a success the minute Tim took the stage” are true testaments of how great Tim is in person.

He is truly corporate entertainment at it’s finest!