Tips for Building Business Relationships

In addition to having my Comedy in Action resident show at The Linq Las Vegas, you may not know that I’m also a corporate entertainer and keynote speaker at conventions and corporate gatherings around the world. Sometimes I take my comedy show on the road, and other times I have a more serious and poignant message on marketing / branding, and monetizing your passions.

On February 6th, I’ll have the opportunity to perform for many of my peers at the National Speakers Association conference at The New Tropicana Las Vegas.  Not to be confused with the other NSA – ahem – this organization truly helps people grow and mature as professionals. I am a longtime member of this association, and currently serve as the Co-Membership Chair of the Las Vegas chapter.  I’m both honored and humbled to help others through this group just as they helped me.

At this convention I’ll be performing alongside a couple friends and true rockstars in this business – Mike Rayburn and Jon Petz. In the NSA Winter Conference promotional video below, I give a tip on how to build better business relationships that may sound a bit obvious at first, but in reality it’s very easy to miss or disregard.

In short, the tip is: Nothing is more important to a business relationship than a human connection. Picking up a phone is far more impactful than sending an email, and meeting someone face-to-face is even better than picking up a phone. The point is, before you take the least path of resistance to make that human connection, stop and think, “Can I engage with someone in a way that nurtures that relationship in a more positive way?” If you focus on building more meaningful human connections you will have greater success than those who choose the path of least effort.

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