TripAdvisor | Amazing Show by an Amazing Performer

Reviews taken from¬†Jeff Civillico’s Las Vegas Show on TripAdvisor:

“Amazing Show by an Amazing Performer”

“I had seen Jeff perform at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles as part of a larger performance. He was by the far the best performer in the lineup. When I heard through the grapevine he was in Vegas, I had to go! I brought a few friends with me who were skeptical about the venue, but Jeff really delivered! My friends could not stop talking about how great he was mixing his juggling skills with improv comedy. Overall amazing show!”

“Riveting Entertainment For All Ages!”

“Jeff is funny and an incredible juggler who cleverly involves member of the audience in the performance. I am often dubious when I hear that a comedic performer is good for adults and children but in this case it is absolutely true. The audience was full of families, couples, a bachelor party, and retirees, and not a single person I saw was not thoroughly entertained. I cannot recommend it enough.”

“Best Comedy Deal on the Strip! Fun, High-Energy and Original!”

“Jeff was absolutely hilarious! His great personality and sheer talent will take him far in the entertainment industry. He’s a one-man show- performing on a small stage inside a restaurant at the Caesars Palace Forum Shops- but I’m sure we’ll see him headline the Las Vegas Strip in the near future. I will be recommending this show to all my friends and family.”

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