TripAdvisor | “Hilarious!”

Reviews taken from Jeff Civillico’s Las Vegas Show on TripAdvisor:

“Amazingly Entertaining”

“This was the fourth time that we have seen Jeff, twice at his own show at the PLANET HOLLYWOOD (restaurant) and twice with Nathan Burton. That meant that we saw him interact with four different audiences and he always makes them feel as though they are part of the show. His ability to get audience members to participate with him on the stage is a true talent. He also remembers that names of the people that he has met in previous shows. I highly recommend this show for anyone who wants to spend an hour just enjoying themselves in a care free environment.”

“I Almost Died Laughing.”

“I’m not usually one for Vegas comedy, but based on word of mouth recommendations from friends, I decided to check out this show — and I was NOT disappointed. Jeff Civillico is a very, very funny man. My girlfriend and I were nearly in pain from laughing so hard at his performance. He has a gift for audience interaction and spun comedy gold out of awkwardly hilarious exchanges with the poor souls he called up from the crowd. If you like things that are awesome, you really need to catch Civillico on the way up.”


“Jeff’s show is absolutely hilarious. I love that it’s a clean act but is still very enjoyable for adults. I have seen Jeff perform several times and he is always spot-on with his comedy and his excellent juggling. If you want to catch an affordable, quality show in Vegas Jeff’s is the one to see!”

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