TripAdvisor | Awesome Show, Great Price

Reviews taken from Jeff Civillico’s Las Vegas Show on TripAdvisor:

“This Show was Awesome”

“My wife and I went to a magic show, which featured about 30 minutes of Jeff’s act. Talk about hilarious. There were 3-4 different entertainer and he was the best. From there we decided to go see his show. The show is about 45 minutes long and it was amazing. He had everyone in the room laughing the whole time…I’m talking cheeks hurting, stomach cramping, and tears in our eyes. I definitely recommend this show to anyone looking for a good time at a reasonable price. It was $25.00 for dinner and a show. You eat before or after the show, your choice and then enjoy the show. I have already decided to see his show again, when I return to Vegas.”

“Beyond Hilarious”

“Jeff is energetic, funny, spontaneous, and great to look at it (for all you ladies out there)! He has keen ability to read and engage his audience. A natural entertainer to say the least.”

“Awesome Show, Great Price”

“It’s a one man show. He juggles and balances stuff and just all around talented. He was very funny. The show is at the Planet Hollywood restaurant in the Forum Shops and usually comes with a meal deal. Its only about 45 minutes but it was funny the whole time.”

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