TripAdvisor | “Best Comedy Show in Vegas PERIOD!!!!”

las vegas showActual reviews taken from Jeff Civillico’s Las Vegas Show on TripAdvisor:

“As Enjoyable a Show as I’ve Seen in Vegas in a Long Time”

“I probably go to Vegas 5-6 times a year for conferences or pleasure, and I’ve seen most of the active shows on the strip at least once.  I went to check out Nathan Burton, as it was one of the few long standing ones I hadn’t seen and I thought Jeff Civillico was fantastic as his opener.  With a few hours to kill before meeting up with a friend, I decided to go out on a limb and walk over to Planet Hollywood Restaurant to check out his solo effort afterwards.

The place was packed, which really impressed me given the out of the way venue, and the price was incredibly reasonable for Vegas.  I’m used to 80-100+ dollar tickets for the big shows, which is occasionally worth it (O, Mystere ) and often not (Ka, La Reve).  25 bucks for dinner and a show is hard to beat on any level. 

I will tell you this about Jeff, he had one of the most likable and engaging personalities I’ve seen in Vegas in years.  I’ve seen plenty of people juggle, whether on cruise ships or on/off the strip, but I’ve never seen a young entertainer connect with an audience like Jeff did that night.  I particularly loved how he’d incorporate genuinely funny banter with his volunteers into the wind up to his next juggling/balancing/escape trick.  I just had a terrific time, and I hope this guy gets bigger and bigger, because he reminded me of what I’ve really loved the most about excellent Vegas entertainment over the years: a funny, natural interaction between a seasoned performer and their audience can be just as entertaining as the most expensive pyrotechnic display.  I was flashing back to the first time I saw Danny Gans years ago, seriously.”

“Best Comedy Show in Vegas PERIOD!!!!”

“Definitely the best value show in Vegas but hands down best comedy show in Vegas.  If you go and don’t like Jeff, I will give you your money back. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt, then I laughed some more until I cried.  Yes I am a grown man.  See him now before he become the next BMG and you’ll have to pay $150 to see him.”

“Jeff Civillico Is a Hidden Treasure in Las Vegas!”

“Jeff Civillico is a hidden treasure in Las Vegas!  As a professional musician, I have high expectations for entertainers and Jeff certainly surpassed any expectations I had.  He is funny, quick on his feet, and empathetic towards audience members that truly want no involvement.  We saw him twice in 1 week, we were so infatuated with his show.  If you see 1 show while in Las Vegas, be sure this is it!

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