TripAdvisor | Best Show in Las Vegas

Reviews taken from Jeff Civillico’s Las Vegas Show on TripAdvisor:

“Best Show in Las Vegas!!!!”

“My dad and I saw Jeff’s show during the Nathan Burton show. He was absolutely hysterical and extremely talented – we couldn’t wait to find out if he was playing anywhere else during our trip to Las Vegas. We were very pleased to find out that he was playing a few hours later at Planet Hollywood. We dropped what we were doing to go watch him because his show was so great. His show is family friendly and he keeps you laughing and engages the entire time you are watching him. I love that he actually uses the audience in his show and makes sure that everyone is enjoying themselves. I will watch his website to see If he is playing anywhere in the future that I can make it to go see. 🙂 well worth your money and more!!

“Seen with Nathan Burton”

“Awesome show. Jeff is very engaging with the audience and brings a ton of energy. I thought he stole the show from Nathan Burton. Definitely a must-see. And it’s inexpensive too!!!”

“A Fun, High-Energy Show For Family and Friends”

“Jeff’s show is fantastic; it is high energy and non-stop entertainment. For about 45 minutes, you are either on the edge of your seat (as you watch him balance a ladder on his chin or ride a 6-foot unicycle) or on the floor laughing at his fun, unique brand of comedy. His show is great for all ages – adults love his humor and kids are amazed by his juggling. It is also very affordable, so next time you are in Vegas, whether with your kids or your friends, take them to see Jeff.

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