TripAdvisor | “Best Show on the Vegas Strip!”

Reviews taken from Jeff Civillico’s Las Vegas Show on TripAdvisor:

“Best Show on the Vegas Strip!”

“My daughter and I were introduced to Jeff Civillico’s act for the first time during the Nathan Burton show last evening. Quite honestly, Jeff’s short skits were the highlight of Nathan’s show. Jeff was so funny I nearly fell off my chair. My daughter and I went to Jeff’s own show later that evening at Planet Hollywood (Restaurant) at Caesar’s Palace (Forum Shops). Jeff’s is HYSTERICAL. He is a juggler/comedian that has high energy and quick it. He works the crowd well and uses improv to his advantage. He was born to perform. If you are anywhere near the Las Vegas Strip and you are looking for a family friendly show THIS IS IT! Run – don’t walk!! Absolutely the best value on the Vegas Strip! Great job Jeff! I will see you again in April!!

Jeff Is Hilarious and Really Good Family Fun

“We went there on New Years day, My husband, our daughter and myself. We saw some of Jeff act in the Burton show in the Flamingo. It was really a lot of fun, so we decided tot go to his show in the Planet Hollywood Restaurant. It was a good deal, its a really cozy stage and Jeff is doing everything himself , that makes it so funny. My daughter is 11 and she was having a really good time, nothing x-rated lol. So u can attend this show with ur children. And Jeff is a real charmer! See this show! And have a great time!”

You’ll LOVE Him!

“We first saw Jeff as a guest on the Nathan Burton Show, then caught his show at the Planet Hollywood Restaurant. We laughed the whole show! Jeff is very high energy, talented, and quick-witted. He works well feeding off audience members!”

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