TripAdvisor | “Dinner and Show Was an Excellent Value!”

Reviews taken from Jeff Civillico’s Las Vegas Show on TripAdvisor:

“Dinner and a Show Was an Excellent Value!”

“THIS IS WELL WORTH YOUR TIME AND MONEY. This is coming from a stingy person who gambles only one dollar in Vegas and takes large ziplock bags to the buffets. You get dinner and a show, you eat your dinner before or after the show. The show starts at 7:30 on select days, go look at his website for dates.

I finally saw the full show at the Caesar Forum shops Planet Hollywood restaurant. I really wanted to see this show and I accidentally called Planet Hollywood HOTEL and they knew nothing. The show is inside the Planet Hollywood RESTAURANT inside of the Caesar Palace Forum shops.

It’s a small venue located on the second floor of the restaurant but the show was amazing and super funny. I looked like I was having a seizure because it was so funny. I was thoroughly entertained by his juggling, uni-cycling, and his energy and his deep murfs. Yes, MURFS.

I thought the food was going to suck hard at the Planet Hollywood restaurant from reading yelp reviews. Plain entrees like hamburger, sandwiches, and Caesar salad made up the meager list of menu items of Jeff Civillicos menu. I was like whatever I’m paying for the show and I will think of it as free food so just I will just eat it. My boyfriend got the hamburger and I got the Caesar salad. They both blew my mind they were so awesome! The burger was one of the best and it was so juicy and rare and delightful. The Caesar salad was HUMONGOUS! The grated Parmesan cheese was just awesome and the waiter grated it right on the salad. I eat caesar salad everywhere and this was the best ever!  Anyways, go to this show. It is really worth your time!”

“OMG… Almost Passed Out From Laughing So Hard”

“Jeff’s show was LITERALLY the best show in Vegas! I know people can say that about anyone, but my wife and I can honestly say that we have NEVER laughed so hard, in our lives. Jeff is funny, witty, quick, very talented and an overall sweet person.

When you’re in town, don’t waste your money on another show, go see Jeff’s show… You won’t be disappointed!”

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