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Reviews taken from Jeff Civillico’s Las Vegas Show on TripAdvisor:

“A Must See Show”

Jeff Civillico’s show was the highlight of our visit to Vegas. Not what one expects when planning a trip to a venue with more headliners than any city in the country. After seeing seeing Jeff in a show at the Flamingo, we attended his solo show later that evening because we wanted more of his skill and entertainment. Jeff is quick on his feet and with his hands (an amazing juggler). But what we enjoyed most was his easy interaction with the audience and his keen wit. Without ever being offensive he is able to tease his audience (including some who join him on the stage) and keep them laughing while juggling with swords on a unicycle! The entire family will enjoy this show. If you’re courageous, volunteer to join him on the stage. You’ll be part of the show and have a memory for a lifetime.

“A Gem of Las Vegas”

Funny and inventive. This is one of the lesser known joys of being in Vegas, an affordable-family friendly show by a great performer.

“Lots of Good Laughs, Obviously Talented Juggling Comedian, but Makes it Look Easy”

My girlfriend and I (from Minnesota) also saw Jeff as a guest performer on the Nathan Burton comedy show. I’d never before seen anyone juggle AND ride an extended unicycle. The balancing of a 10′ or was it 13′ ladder on his chin was a first too.

We were so impressed that we changed our plans for dinner with my local twin niece to take up the offer for dinner at PH with tickets to Jeff’s complete show for a mere $25. It was clever that Jeff played a recording from a previous guest appearance on the Nate Burton show on a flat screen TV before his performance on the smaller PH stage. This gave new audience members a clearer assessment of his talents. The only change I would make is LOWERING the speaker volume as seating was close to the stage.”

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