TripAdvisor | “Great Fun and Very Spontaneous and Versatile!”

Reviews taken from Jeff Civillico’s Las Vegas Show on TripAdvisor:

“Knows How To Engage the Audience!”

“I have seen Jeff perform a few times and I’m always amazed at how well he interacts with his audience.  No question he is entertaining and talented but what works best with Jeff is that he is genuine.  Instantly you like him. His quick…witty…totally hilarious interactions… engage the audience and make it a wonderful experience for everyone!”

“No Words”

“Jeff’s personalty and talent really blew me away.  Not only did this kid have me laughing constantly, I was impressed by his flat out juggling and balance skills.  Definitely a top act of the strip and one you don’t want to miss.”

“Great Fun and Very Spontaneous and Versatile!”

“I’ve seen Jeff Civillico on more than one occasion and he is very funny and spontaneous. When there were children in the audience, he definitely tailored his show to the younger viewers, however when the audience consisted only of adults, he was much more edgy. Both shows were hysterical! I enjoyed Jeff’s physical humor as well as his quick wit as he responded to various ad lib situations from audience volunteers. I would definitely enjoy seeing his performance again.

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